How to Dress Well For Men

Fashion has for years been deemed as a woman’s thing! Well, not anymore! Men are increasingly becoming aware of what they wear and how.

Basics for being smart

Fashion for men is very easy to get right. However, without the necessary knowledge, it becomes very easy to commit fashion faux pars that create an ill silhouette. Luckily, there are certain basics that if carefully followed can give a man an instant face lift. Let’s begin with shoes. Every man must have at least four pairs of shoes, split into the following categories: the first is a pair of exercise shoes, which is basically worn during exercise. The second is a pair of casual sneakers, preferably in black, blue, grey or red. The third is a pair of black dress boots that look good with an official outfit. Last but not least, a pair of brown dress shoes, that is also appropriate for official duty. For official wear, it is fashionable to match the shoe and the belt. Therefore, acquire a brown and a black belt as well. Other colors are usually tough to match therefore stick to the usual colors. Another must have is a few pairs of white socks that should only be worn during exercise.

Men’s pants

Wearing the right pair of pants is crucial if you are going to pull a certain look off. Know what trousers are ideal for which occasion and which mens shirts go well with them. When shopping for jeans, it is advisable that you avoid baggy fits as these will make you look sloppy. At the same time, avoid ultra tight jeans if you are not a cowboy. The ideal pair of jeans has a boot cut with a slight flare at the end. Get jeans in sane colors, and this means avoiding super light colored jeans as well. Jeans look best in a dark blue with a soft wash. When looking for dress pants, get a pair that sits well at the waist, never on the hips. Also, it should fall just right. This means that the cuff of the leg should stop right where the sole starts on your shoes. It shouldn’t bunch up around your shoe at all. Match this up with a nice pair of men’s shirt whose color complements your skin tone and the pants’ color. Flat front pants look best, though single pleated pants look fine as well.


The shirt you choose to buy is largely depended on your personal taste. Have a wardrobe that contains as many button up shirts as possible. Start off with oxford white, blue, and black. Polo’s are mens t shirts that are a great choice in any wardrobe as they can be worn in any color. They are also a substitute for dressing down, especially on the days you don’t feel like wearing a shirt and tie. It is also recommended that you own several white t-shirts that you can use as undershirts, especially in the cold days of winter. A few pullover hooded shirts will also serve their purpose on cold days. In the colder months of the year, layering will help keep you warm, and make you look good. You should also own a few of the nicest sweaters you can afford to buy.